X-ray Detection System

The Rapiscan Model 515 is an x-ray security inspection system designed for customers with new and expanding security requirements. The Model 515 has a fully configurable technology menu, which allows the user to choose the best value for their application and budget. Its compact design and removable control panel make the system an excellent choice for numerous security applications. The system offers a tunnel opening of 640mm (25.2 inches) wide by 430mm (16.9 inches) high to accommodate large package sizes.

Intel Pentium® computer technology is the driving force in all of our developments.

The Model 515 base configuration includes multi-energy technology with the following standard features: Crystal Clear ™, Density Threat Alert, Edge Enhancement, Variable Gamma, Inverse Video, Organic/Inorganic Stripping, Pseudo Color and Variable Zoom.

The Model 515 may also be configured with the following advanced options: Enhanced Performance X-ray (EPX): EPX enables rapid and consistent detection capability, identifying materials having specific characteristics of explosives and narcotics. Gold, currency and agricultural products can also be identified using EPX. Threat Image Projection (TIP): Provides real time operator training and performance monitoring. The system inserts threat objects at predefined settings and intervals, into otherwise clean bags allowing supervisors to monitor operator's response. Multiple language choices are available for on screen dialogue with the operator.

The Model 515 is part of the Rapiscan 500 Series product design, which offers a wide range of product configurations. We invite you to contact your sales representative for additional information.