Retail Solution

RFID technology combines with traditional CCTV and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) to give an integrated solution which is a vital milestone of the retail industry in the new centry. In addition to security control, not only can the assets of a company be safeguarded but also be added value to under the execution of integrated technology. It can be achieved through creating a cohesive bonding between parties in the supply chain which the corporation can effectively monitor, control and plan for their business.

Improved coordination enhances performance from stock taking to logistic, inventory control, store operation, customer handling and so on. The integrated solution provides comprehensive information for managerial decisions and hence reduces risk and increases revenue.

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Product and service include :
Speedy stock take solution, Asset management solution, EAS and shop security Security system,
Stock management solution, POS efficiency solution, Sales performance management,
Time attendance system, people counting system etc.