Automotive Solution


For the Automotive Industry, we offer a comprehensive and mature solution which is an important breakthrough for security control and vehicle management.

SecurePro has a very solid case reference of a European Automotive brand. Our G-Formula, which has been successfully deployed, makes Real-time Automotive Management comes true. The solution allows Real time car information on storage as well as Real time tracking for services cars. Integrating security and RFID system give a best solution to work through the at the dock&port and warehouse.

In return, the Stock location from arrival of cars to Hong Kong to stock out of cars from selling; Location of servicing cars; Status (WIP) of servicing cars; Status to car park availability and which floor are immediately available. Besides, use of labor resources will be optimized while the security safeguarding assets will be higher. These enhance efficiency of operation and brand image of the enterprise. The faster and better the reaction, the higher the customer satisfaction with revenue. 


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Product and service include :
Service Center security and access control, RFID assets management etc.