Asset Management System (AMS)

A successful Asset Management System (AMS) is able to perform the following :

  • The system offers one-stop convenience to users.
  • The system allows information to be read much faster than with traditional methods (i.e. physical or barcode counting)
  • The system improves economic efficiency and provides cost saving measures,while at the same time provides better protection of assets that benefits both staff and users. 
  • The functionalities and features of system are suitable to support multi-location as well as multi-country with over millions of assets.
  • The system is designed with a web-based application which allows users to login and perform the built-in functions including asset record, stock taking and reports generation.

Basic Function and Features of SPIT AMS:

  • User Maintenance
  • Asset registration
  • Booking System of Assets
  • Asset check out
  • Asset Reshelving
  • Asset Searching
  • Asset Disposal
  • Automatic Check-in and Check-out
  • Stock Taking etc.

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