Facial Personality Analytics

Detect Anonymous Offenders/Terrorists, by revolutionary Predictive Screening AI technology  

We live in a dangerous world, where terrorists and criminals are easily mingled with the general population and can easily travel between countries; the vast majority of them are unknown to the intelligence community and the authorities. As a result, it is becoming ever more challenging to detect suspected individuals in public places such as airports, train stations, government and public buildings, border controls and mega events.  

Today the main use of Biometrics is for Identification and Authentication. Using stat-of-the-art AI technologies, Faception developed a revolutionary Facial Analytics Technology to have Automatic Risk Assessment and Risk Transitions correlated to facial characteristics.


Current solutions mostly rely on facial recognition, detecting suspicious activity/ behavior and manual profiling.  They are not sufficient to handle the scale of the growing threats.  Facial Personality Analytics analyzes a person's facial image and automatically reveals his personality, enabling security companies/agencies to more efficiently detect, focus and apprehend potential terrorists or criminals before they have the opportunity to do harm.  

Therefore, All the FR solutions are subjected to Database existence, so NO solution to anonymous offenders.

Facial Personality Analytics Technology (Faception)

Faception is first-to-technology and first-to-market with proprietary computer vision and machine learning [AI] algorithms that reveal a person’s personality based on his facial image and is complimentary to ANY Facial Recognition solution. A US Patent was granted for this technology on March 18.

Faception can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), databases, or online sources, encode the faces in proprietary image descriptors and match an individual with various personality types with a high level of accuracy.  It can run in the cloud, on a local machine, video camera or on-chip, is flexible, scalable and real time.

Faception Predictive Screening For Smart Security Solutions 

Facial Personality Analytics (Faception) offers a wide range of personality classifiers to choose from, and in addition, you can define new classifiers (such as aggressive, potential robber etc.) to be added.  About Faception Privacy and Fairness advantage: It’s anonymous – no need for ID/social profile etc. It’s objective like blood testing, no discrimination by race, class, gender, age etc. And, no need for Big Data on people.  Faception develops and owns the Classifiers, NOT the client's databases. Hence, regulations and client' confidential information are being secured.


Integrated Solution


System Architecture


Response time: Up to 2 Sec [Means: response time to get score by the system]. Search is online.

Scalability: Current generation is up to concurrent 500 ports, but using load balancing the scalability can be unlimited.

Distributed: Our open architecture allows for either Central System or Distributed system. Also, it allows to develop additional classifiers and permit usage per instance/user/agency.

Required Image Quality: Frontal face width not less than 180 pixels. In a regular "passport-like" image proportions, the image width should be 300 pixels or more. Image may be color/gray-level, with close to frontal pose and neutral expression. Compression as expressed in file size, should not get below 0.5 bpp (bits per pixel) for grey level images, or 1bpp for color images. Smallest dimension is 300 pixels.

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