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Professional Building Security System

Building Security

Provide security protection and surveillance for multi-storey buildings. Specializing in a wide range of critical security equipment from access control, surveillance systems, parking systems and more.

Long-term monitoring

We will install a number of monitors in the control room to allow real-time monitoring by building staff. The control room staff can remotely control the shooting, focus and angle of the camera. Alarm can also be controlled remotely also. High-definition CCTV cameras will be installed at the main entrances and exits.

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Intrusion Prevention

Face recognition or card tapping access gates can be installed at the lobby so that only authorized persons are allowed to enter. 

Car Park System

We will assist our clients in designing, installing, upgrading and maintaining all key equipment in their parking lots. From main entrance gates, license plate recognition automated entry/exit, fare collection system and so on, we can provide you with a full range of security solutions.

City Hall Car Park 002.jpg

License Plate Recognition

For vehicles, we will install a License Plate Recognition System in the parking lot to allow only authorized vehicles to enter the building area. Unauthorized vehicles will not be allowed to enter the building.

Alarm System

Alarms will be installed at rear doors and emergency exits to prevent unauthorized access.


Door and Window Sensors

Door and window security sensors and glass breakage sensors should also be installed to prevent burglars from forcing their way in.

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