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Identify Threats

Cybersecurity Solution

Clips are edited from publicly available resources from our partner CheckPoint.


Take measures to protect against unauthorized access, malicious attacks, data breaches and other security threats.

 Security Risks

With the rapid development of Internet technology in recent years, both public organizations and commercial organizations need to use online resources extensively, no matter working from home, browsing emails, search engines, all of which will expose organizations to serious information security risks, such as phishing websites, ransomware, fraudulent robots, etc. All of these have made IT security worthy of attention. Small and medium-sized organizations may not have sufficient resources to deal with such attacks.


Usage of Endpoint Defense

EDR is able to recognize potential threats at the endpoint and alert users, IT administrators in real time. It will constantly compare with the latest defense information and potential threats, unlike anti-virus software which needs to be updated frequently.

In addition, EDR can fight against hackers, recognize phishing websites, encrypt network communications , perform sandbox simulation. 

Incident Response Solution

Isolating suspicious files and trace threats back to their source. In case of emergency, security experts can be contacted directly so that normal operation can be resumed as soon as possible in critical moments.


Moreover, all attacks are logged, and the principles of the attacks are explained and solutions are recommended.

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