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Taking Care of the Elderly with Technology

Intelligent Elderly Care Centres

Smart Elderly Center

Enhance the quality and safety of the residential environment.

Intelligent Elderly Care Centres

According to the forecast of the United Nations, Hong Kong will become the city with the highest degree of population ageing in the world by 2050.

According to the latest figures, elderly people aged 65 or above already account for more than 20% of the total population, and it is expected that the number will even exceed 30% in the near future, which means that one out of every three persons will be an elderly person.


Internet of Things

Now let's talk about how smart homes can facilitate the living of the elderly. First of all, we only need to install human body sensors in the homes.
As soon as an elderly person steps into a room, the lights will be turned on automatically.
They can also turn on the TV, air-conditioning and curtains by voice control.

Monitoring of air quality

If there is poor ventilation in the home, the carbon dioxide level will be higher than normal, which means the chance of cross-infection will increase.

In terms of ventilation, fans and air purifiers can be set to turn on automatically so that the elderly can inhale more fresh air.

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Anti-Wandering System

Whenever an elderly person leaves the premises without authorization, the monitoring system will sound an alarm to notify the staff in case of accidents.


If the sensor detects a prolonged inactivity, the staff will be notified immediately through a p p p. The staff can also be informed of the real-time situation through cell phone application.

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