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Facilitates daily management and enhances work efficiency

Intelligent Warehouse

Smart Warehouse

Smart Warehouse improves logistics efficiency and saves costs.

Integrated Management

Intelligent building refers to the linking of power, water, ventilation, security systems and other infrastructures through industrial-grade Internet of Things (IoT) devices using cloud-based networks to form a complete ecosystem that provides comfortable, convenient, energy-efficient and reliable services. Intelligent building can increase the value of the building, visualize the platform and facilitate the management, and provide a quality user experience at the same time.


Warehouse Management System

Many warehouses are now adopting Warehouse Management System (WMS) with cloud servers and industrial-grade Internet of Things (IoT) devices to streamline warehouse processes.
On the inbound and outbound side, suppliers will submit delivery orders in advance before delivery, and warehouse staff will use handheld devices to count and sign the receipt and update the warehouse data immediately upon receipt.
In addition, inventory will be deducted immediately upon shipment and recorded in conjunction with sales and delivery orders.

Ease of management and added efficiency

Utilizing user authorization mechanism, it can also add replenishment notification to reduce monitoring cost. Able to generate annual financial statements and inventory records, print labels and receipts. Visualized charts of daily incoming and outgoing shipments are also available for analysis.

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