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Professional Office Security System

Real-time Monitoring

SecurePro will install CCTVs at all major entrances and exits, which not only monitor the situation around the clock, but also equipped with a complete video recording system, which can be stored in the hard disk or the cloud, also, it can utilize the artificial intelligence and video recording to track the suspicious person.

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Total Protection

During non-business hours, we recommend the use of human sensors to protect the premises from intrusion by suspicious persons. Utilizing the human body's characteristic of emitting infrared rays, the sensor will trigger the alarm system when it detects the change of infrared rays.

Doors and Windows Security

Doors should not be made of glass, as they can be easily broken by burglars. Or use shatterproof glass if glass must be used. For windows, magnetic sensors or glass breakage sensors should be installed and connected to the alarm system, so that an audible alarm will be triggered if someone opens the door or window without authorization.

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Professional Security Intercom

We will install professional security intercom at the main door and connect it to the room, so that the front desk staff can talk to visitors remotely, and after confirming the identity of the visitor, they can open the door with electric lock.

Access Control Systems

We install different types of access control systems that allow users to enter and exit rooms using passwords, ID cards or biometrics, which not only provides flexible workspace for the business environment, but also protects internal securiy.


Alarm System

Equipping an alarm system, once it is triggered, it will be automatically reflected to the 24-hour monitoring center, and the local police will be contacted for further actions once it is confirmed.

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