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Being prepared is an obligation for defence

Endpoint Defense Response

Endpoint Defense Response

EDR can be seen as a new type of defense tool that effectively responds to the information security needs . Through cloud-based technology, EDR can instantly recognize potential threats and alert users in real time. EDR is in constant contact with the cloud to compare  potential threats, unlike anti-virus software which requires frequent updates. Moreover, the scanning speed is very fast and does not consume computing resources.


Defense against cyber threats

Using Artificial Intelligence to analyze threats, it analyzes websites and emails in real-time, categorizes malicious items, and proactively alerts users to suspected cyber-attacks, such as phishing websites and ransomware . If a file is infected, it will quarantine the file to prevent hackers from stealing the organization's sensitive information. In case of a new virus, it will be updated to the cloud system instantly to provide real-time protection for customers.

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