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Security System for

NGO Security Solutions

SecurePro has been working closely with non-profit organizations to provide security system consulting, design and installation services. This enables the organizations to serve the public in a safe and secure environment. Many of them have been rooted in Hong Kong for many years and have a large organization structure serving different types of clients. Non-profit organizations need to ensure that their offices and regional branches are in compliance with security and legal standards to protect their staff and clients.

Monitoring System

Non-profit organizations need to be monitored for a long period of time, and requires indoor surveillance cameras to facilitate staff management. We will install surveillance cameras at appropriate locations for the organization so that the staff can monitor the whole organization with less manpower. Depending on the size of the organization, we can also suggest additional CCTV cameras in other public places.


Alarm System

SecurePro will design a solution for our clients to prevent suspicious persons from stealing and to prevent clients from leaving the premises through the back door. The alarm will be activated at the appropriate time to contact the relevant staff or even the police for further action.
Infrared body sensors will be used to detect the intrusion of suspicious persons at night, and will be connected to a 24-hour alarm center for round-the-clock monitoring.

Visitor Management

Whether it is the main entrance of the office or the parking lot, visitors can be directly connected to the office and have their identity confirmed by the front desk staff. In addition, the door can be opened and closed remotely with the electric lock control, which is convenient for the daily work of the staff.


Access Control System

It can effectively protect the service recipients from being disturbed by outsiders, and it can also protect the staff from being disturbed during their rest time.

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