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Blending New Technology with Traditional Operations

Intelligent Parking

Smart Parking

Provide smarter and more convenient parking management and services.

Intelligent Parking

Intelligent Parking integrates new technologies and traditional parking operations to provide customers with a comfortable and convenient parking experience, as well as added flexibility for management. Key features include mobile booking, real-time parking space monitoring, license plate recognition-based access system, indoor positioning, e-payment, electric vehicle charging and fully automated parking. With the rapid development of technology, the traditional industry of parking lot has quietly started a huge change.


Simplifying the Parking Process

Innovative technology has simplified the process from reservation, parking to payment.
As long as the uploaded license plate number, the reserved vehicle does not need to do manual registration or label binding and other complex procedures, you can self-service in and out. 

Future Development

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, charging stations are gradually being set up under the encouragement and subsidy of local governments. In addition, in recent years, there are some more special skyscraper parking, not only can provide countless parking spaces, but also equipped with "electronic carpet" automatic parking system, car owners only need to park the car on the ground floor, will be handed over to the "electronic carpet" self-parking.

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