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Smart Campus

Combining innovation and technology with modern school operations

Smart Campus

It enhances school management efficiency and student experience.

Ideal Learning Environment

Installation of temperature and carbon dioxide sensors can adjust the temperature automatically. 

There are also buttons on the teacher's desk to open the curtains and fans, saving time and effort.

Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED is only environmentally friendly and energy saving.


Energy Saving

A smart campus can be set up timer to automatically turn on the lights on school days, or  when someone enters the classroom. By equipping human body sensors, it could automatically turn off all related electrical appliances when the classroom is completely empty. It greatly improves work efficiency for double checking classroom's electronic appliance. Moreover, the electricity consumption of each classroom can be understood with data analysis though monitoring system.
Through these energy-saving measures, money can be saved, which is environmentally friendly, and  beneficial to student.

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