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Facilitates daily management and enhances work efficiency

Intelligent Hotel

Smart Hotels

Applying advanced technology to provide smarter hotel services.

Smart Hotel

Smart hotel refers to the combination of innovative technology and traditional hotel operation, which brings a brand-new experience to the guests and improves the operation efficiency at the same time. Common features include mobile booking, self-check-in, face swipe system, smart rooms, robotic food delivery and other services, together with a comprehensive management system for big data analysis. In a nutshell, smart hotels not only give guests a new experience, but also revolutionize the way hotels operate.

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Unmanned Hospitality

Residents no longer need a card to enter or exit the room, but can simply swipe their face at the door to enter. In addition, not only can they use mobile devices or voice to control the electronic equipment in the room, such as lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc., but they can also use it to order room service.


In addition, residents can swipe their face to access the swimming pool, fitness room, bar, VIP restaurant, etc., and intelligent robots can provide a variety of services, such as delivering supplies, food, directions, etc. The AI virtual brand ambassadors also replace some of the front desk functions, responding to different needs of residents 24 hours a day, such as making restaurant reservations, answering simple inquiries, and so on.

Digital Transformation

Through the mobile app, customers can find out the type of room offered by the hotel, the corresponding price and the availability of the day, make a reservation, and then pay for it instantly using electronic means. Moreover, there are self-check-in kiosks in the hotel lobby, where customers can check in to their rooms by presenting the QR code of the booking and proof of identity, and swiping their face to authenticate their identity.

This is a major feature of smart hotels, which allows management to have instant access to all operational data through the management software. Clear digitalized records can also enhance operational efficiency.

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