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Professional Warehouse Security System

Warehouse Security Solutions

SecurePro understands the security needs of the transportation and logistics industry, and has a strong understanding of facility security, providing professional advice and on-site installation. The logistics industry needs a professional, reliable partner to meet international freight security standards, and compliant facilities can streamline the logistics process and keep goods moving smoothly.

Facility Surveillance

Warehouse security systems have strict standards for surveillance cameras. Coverage is also very careful, not only need to clearly record the various cargo entrances and exits and the warehouse inside and outside the transportation process of loading and unloading, but also to cover the entire external area of the facility, and record all visitors to the process.


Alarm System

We recommend that all exterior doors and windows are wired with sensors and connected to an alarm system to prevent unauthorized entry by strangers, etc. SecurePro has experience in installing full-scale alarms and provides the appropriate system to ensure effective security of goods.

Access Restriction

It is recommended to restrict access to all unauthorized vehicles and persons by verifying and recording all identification documents and license plates. The card tapping system effectively prevents unfamiliar persons from entering the warehouse and manages all access records effectively.


Security System

SecurePro's engineering team will ensure that the system is operational 24 hours a day, all personnel access is securely recorded, alarm triggers are stored, and backup power is provided in case of emergency.

Site Visit

Our professional security consultants at SecurePro will conduct site inspections to find out the best solution and recommend feasible solutions to our clients to meet the relevant international security standards.

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