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Professional Retail Security System

Retail Security

Provides security protection and surveillance for commercial stores, monitoring store conditions around the clock and connecting to a 24-hour alarm system to safeguard valuable in-store assets.

Surveillance System

CCTV allows effective daytime monitoring of the store, protecting staff and customers, and leaving a complete video record. Effective vigilance against criminals, so that they will not be tempted to violate regulations.

In addition, nowadays CCTVs are equipped with artificial intelligence technology, which enables automated poeople counting.

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Preventing Burglary

To prevent burglars from stealing at night, body sensors, door and window sensors and alarm bells should be installed. The sensors will be activated when the shopkeeper closes the door, and if an unauthorized person enters the shop, it will trigger a luminous audible alarm and notify the 24-hour surveillance center, prompting the police to take further action. 

Routine inspections

We will regularly inspect the security equipment and carry out maintenance work.

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