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Facilitates daily management and enhances work efficiency

Intelligent Building

Smart Building

Applying advanced technologies in buildings to provide a safer, energy-efficient and comfortable environment.

Integrated Management

Intelligent building refers to the linking of power, water, ventilation, security systems and other infrastructures through industrial-grade Internet of Things (IoT) devices using cloud-based networks to form a complete ecosystem that provides comfortable, convenient, energy-efficient and reliable services. Intelligent building can increase the value of the building, visualize the platform and facilitate the management, and provide a quality user experience at the same time.


Intelligent System

Intelligent Buildings provide users with a safe, comfortable and convenient environment, which can effectively increase the value of a building.

From parking lots, entrances and exits to indoor locations, the building is equipped with smart systems that allow users to enter and exit the building using face recognition or cell phones. In addition, users can use mobile apps to locate and navigate in different locations and control different devices, such as adjusting air conditioning, switching on and off the lights, and so on.

Information Management System

Intelligent building also brings convenience to building management. The 3D building information system connected to the cloud system provides a brand new experience for management. Electricity consumption, temperature, humidity value, comfort level and thermal map of human flow of each floor can be seen on this unified platform, and it can also remotely manage the equipment and electrical appliances of each floor, as well as monitor the real-time utilization of car parks and observe the security of lobbies. It can also be used with big data and intelligent analytics to predict the month's power consumption and estimate security blackspots, thus facilitating the analysis work of property managers.

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