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Construction site safety has long been a crucial topic of the industry. Not only does this linked to the save and loss of precious human life, it also affects the smooth operation of construction and the future business opportunity.
Reputation of disregarding construction site safety not only will harm company good view, it has profound impact on the acquisition of upcoming projects.

Besides, Time is always of essense when comes to construction business. Not only do the business need to meet tight timelines, every single days may means millions of profit or loss. Therefore progress monitoring is essential to construction site management. 

To tackle the above problems, SP-IT has helped to fulfill this long time challenges by providing different solutions including but not limited to cope with Construction Site Safety, Construction Progress Monitoring, Construction Access Control and Parameter Monitoring, Construction Site Asset Management as well as the Housing Authority RFID Solution.

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Product and service include :
Tower Crane CCTV monitoring, Near Vehicle Alert system, Safety Belt Buckle Alert system, High Air Dropping Alert, Danger Zone Alert system, Access control monitoring, Assets management etc.